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Sandy Simpson (Updated)

Sandy Simpson is a Micronesian Theologian, Missionary in the Micronesian Islands [where his family served since 1962] [1], Author, and Founder of the Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT) [1].


Post Box 1759, Pearl City, HI 96782 [1]
Eml. ditc@hotmail.com [1]


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1. Frequently Asked Questions (Apologetics Coordination Team; 28 February 2013)
2. VIDEO: Satan The First Postmodernist (Vimeo; December 2012)
3. Ken Silva. Brother Sandy Simpson on Satan as First Postmodernist (Apprising Ministries; 26 February 2013) ✔

For more information on Sandy Simpson, please visit the official Apologetics Coordination Team website or Vimeo channel.



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