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National Rural Youth Service Corps, NARYSEC (Updated)


The purpose of this article is to document the National Rural Youth Service Corps, as reported by Adriana Stuijt [1], the Cape Report [3] and the Free State Times [2].

The National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC [1|3]) is a "controversial" [1] "skills development" [2] program of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development [3] in conjunction with the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) [1|3], Young Communist League [3] and the South African National Defence Force (1994-) [1|2], to provide 1000s of unemployed "black youths 18-35 years of age" [3] "advanced" [1] "full-time training at several SANDF military bases across the country" [3], including "De Brug" (at Bloemfontein) [1] and "Saldanha" (at Saldanha) [1], as well as the town of Thaba Nchu [2], starting September 2010 [3].

Subjects include “military discipline” [2] as well as lessons in "business management" [3], "electrical engineering" [3], "life skills" [3], “patriotism” [2|3], "rights awareness" [3], "work ethic" [2] and “national pride” [2].


Many fear that the program may be "hijacked by the ANC Youth League to establish a militia to promote the ruling party’s political interests" [2], since "a similar youth training programme in Zimbabwe had been used by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party to establish a militia" [2].


NARYSEC is opposed by Afriforum [1|3], the Commando Corps and the Democratic Alliance (DA) [1|2].



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2. Kamogelo Seekoei. Unease grows over youth military training (Bloemfontein, ZA: Free State Times)
3. ANC Youth League Military Training (Cape Report; 3 August 2011)


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