How-To Use Google Docs With Go Docs (Updated)


Learn how-to manage documents between Google Docs and Go Docs for the iPhone and iPad.

Google Docs

Adding Documents to Google Docs

First we will have to learn how to add and/or edit documents in Google Docs.

» Navigate to Google Docs at

» Login with your username (normally a Gmail address) and password (only you will know that).

» On the top-left, just below the Google Docs logo, single-left-click on the "Create New" button and select either "Document", "Spreadsheet", "Presentation", or whatever type of document you wish to create.

Editing Documents in Google Docs

» On the top-left, just to the right of the Google Docs logo, single-left-click on "Untitled" (or whatever the title may currently be) and name your document by filling out the popup box and clicking "OK".

» Now finish editing your document.

Go Docs

Next we will have to head on over to our iPad or iPhone and install and sync our documents using Go Docs.

Installing Go Docs

» On your device go to the App Store and search for "Go Docs". Buy and install it.

Syncing Google Documents to Go Docs

» Now open Go Docs and login with the same username and password you used on Google Docs earlier.

» On the bottom-left of Go Docs, click on the sync icon to transfer your Google Documents from Google Docs to your iPad or Phone.


You may want to download this document in PDF format (single-left-click to generate).



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