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Randy Alcorn (Updated)


Randy Alcorn is an American Theologian, Author and Director of Eternal Perspective Ministries [1|2], residing in Gresham, Oregon [2].


Protestant [2]



» We are both Pro-Life [2|9|10|22].

» We both support and defend the doctrine of Total Depravity [5].


» Randy supports the doctrines of Universal Immortality [5], Particular Judgement [5], Intermediate Consciousness [5] and Eternal Torment [5], while I defend the doctrines of Conditional Immortality, Intermediate Unconsciousness and Final Destruction.

» Randy supports the doctrine of Tithing [12], while I defend the doctrine of Freewill Offerings.


Randy authored more than 20 books, including "Christians in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution: Recovering Our Sexual Sanity" [2|3]; "Women Under Stress: Preserving Your Sanity" [2|4]; "Money, Possessions, and Eternity" [2|6]; "Sexual Temptation: How Christian Workers Can Win the Battle" [2|8]; "Is Rescuing Right? Breaking the Law to Save the Unborn" [2|9]; "Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments" [2|10]; "In Light of Eternity: Perspectives on Heaven" [2|11]; "The Treasure Principle" *[2|13]; "The Treasure Principle Bible Study" [2|14]; "The Grace and Truth Paradox" [2|15]; "The Purity Principle" [2|16]; "The Law of Rewards" [2|17]; "Heaven" [2|18]; "50 Days of Heaven: Reflections That Bring Eternity to Light" [2|19]; "Heaven Study Guide" [2|20]; "Heaven for Kids" [2|21]; "Why Pro Life?" [2|22]; "Deadline" [2|23]; "Dominion" [2|24]; "Deception" [2|25]; "Edge of Eternity" [2|26]; "Lord Foulgrin's Letters: How to Strike Back at the Tyrant by Deceiving and Destroying His Human Vermin" [2|27]; "Safely Home" [2|28]; "The Ishbane Conspiracy" [2|29]; "Wait Until Then" [2|30] and "Tell Me About Heaven" [2|31].




* The Treasure Principle sold more than 600 000 copies.


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For more information on Randy Alcorn, please visit the official Eternal Perspective Ministries website, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, Vimeo- or YouTube Channel.


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