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LinkPush, from Connor Dunn, allows users to instantly forward the current page from their Google Chrome Web Browser to any smartphone, powered by either Google Android or Windows Mobile.*

LinkPush consists of a plugin extension for Google Chrome, a Google Android App and support for Google Talk.


NOTE: You will need a Gmail/Google Apps email account.

» First install the plugin extension for Google Chrome.

» If you are fortunate enough to own a Google Android-powered smartphone, install the Google Android App.

» If you own a crappy Windows Mobile-powered smartphone (like me), install Agile Manager, Fring**, GoTalkMobile, Nimbuzz and/or Palringo.


» Navigate to and activate Google Talk (top of page) using your Gmail/Google Apps username (email address) and password.

» When done, navigate to your Gmail/Google Apps webmail facility and login using your username (email address) and password.

» Once inside your webmail account, look for the "Chat" section to the left or right of your email (depending on whether you activated Gmail Labs "Right-side chat"). You will see a chat invite from "linkpush". Click "Yes" to accept.


» To forward a web-link from Google Chrome to a Google Android-powered smartphone, simply click the LinkPush icon at the top of your Google Chrome Web Browser.

» To forward a web-link from Google Chrome to a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone, simply open whichever chat application you chose to install on your phone (Agile Manager, GoTalkMobile, Nimbuzz or Palringo), and then click the LinkPush icon at the top of your Google Chrome Web Browser.


LinkPush comes highly-recommended because of its usability, simplicity, integration and cross-platform compatibility with Gmail/Google Apps as well as Google Android, Windows Mobile and virtually any other Mobile Operating System sporting Google Chat applications.


* LinkPush was originally envisioned to work only between the Google Chrome Web Browser and Google Android-powered smartphones.

** Links forwarded via Fring is unclickable, and therefore virtually useless.

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