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In Defense of Christian Rap (Updated)

I'm often asked as to my view concerning "Christian rap".

Before we delve into Scripture, let me first state the obvious. People tend to demonize that which they don't understand and/or dislike - especially that which historically found itself outside their social and/or ethnic circle.

This human tendency to demonize what they don't understand have led to much heartache and suffering throughout history, both within and outside the Church Establishment:

» Galileo Galilei, for one, "came into conflict with the Catholic Church over his support of Copernican astronomy" [1], which "seemingly contradicted several passages of Scripture" [1]. Galileo was placed under house arrest for believing "that the sun is the center of the world" [1].

But isn't rap music evil?

The first reason why rap music are often classified as "evil", is because of it's association with gangsterism and the like.

However, if rap should be labeled "evil" on the basis of it's worldly associations, we should likewise (by association), classify the following as "evil":

» Cars, because they are used as "getaway" vehicles in bank-robberies, drive-by shootings, etc.
» Water, because it is used in the production of alcohol, etc.

I think it is pretty obvious, that denouncing something as "evil" because of its general associations makes no sense whatsoever.

The second problem with classifying rap music as "evil" is much more serious. Ultimately God alone can create. While satan can only manipulate and abuse that which already exists. He cannot create. In fact, he himself was created by God.

Rap music therefore is not "the work of the devil", but indeed forms part of God's Creation. Ascribing God's work to that of satan is not only blasphemous, but sin. (Acts 10)


God created man, beast, knowledge, sexual attraction, vehicles, etc. Yet, it is satan who manipulates all of these things to his own advantage. That doesn't make these things evil in and of themselves. It makes them evil only by application. Guns don't kill people, people do. Blaming the gun is pointless.

Now go, and enjoy "To Da River" by T-Bone, "Boomin" by Toby Mac or "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin.


Kirk Franklin, Rev. Otis Moss III [4], Paul Washer [2], T-Bone, Thabiti Anyabwile [3] and myself.



Col. 3v17, v23


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