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ANC Youth League (Updated)


The purpose of this article is to document the activities of the ANC Youth League in South Africa, as reported by the Democratic Alliance [10], Die Burger [9], IOL News [3|4], the Mail & Guardian [2|8], News24 [1|7], The Citizen Online [11], Times LIVE [5] and Wikipedia [6].

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL), based in South Africa, is the official "youth wing of the African National Congress" [6].


Military Training

From September 2010 senior members of the "angry" [4] ANC Youth League, including Julius Malema (1981-) [3|4], will be receiving "an intensive two-week military training session at Saldanha naval base" [4] under the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). [1|3|4]

Malema said the league fully supported the programme as it would go a long way towards providing the youth with needed skills. [4]

Following Malema's endorsement, Youth League NEC members have "called for its urgent implementation" [4].

What we've been wondering is - Why and for what purpose?


Hacked 29 March 2011

The ANCYL website were hacked on the 29th of March 2011 [5] by the "Blah Blah Protest Group" [5], who posted a "fake statement" [5] announcing Malema's supposed resignation, reading (in part):-

"After much thought I, Julius Malema, have decided to step down as ANC Youth league President... I have brought my party the ANC into disrepute (sic); I have disrespected my elders and have made a fool out of myself; I promote my own agenda over my country and parties; I promote the singing of racist songs to promote violence and unrest in the country... It is with great hope that I step down and welcome a new era in the ANCYL, one where thought and vision inspire our country rather then racism and personal ambition destroy it." [5]

According to online marketing specialist, Rafiq Philips, "There are some basic security measures you have to take care of when you build a website, obviously the youth league website was lacking" [5]


Julius Malema (1981-)

The ANC Youth League (except for a small minority) are "in support of Malema" [8]. [7]

Floyd Shivambo [5] | Lindiwe Sisulu [1|3|4]

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members does the ANC Youth League have?

It is difficult to determine exactly how many members the ANC Youth League has.

According to Angus Mackenzie, Events Coordinator for the Democratic Alliance, "the ANC Youth League has approximately 300,000 members" [10], a number which "could very well be an exaggeration" [10].

According to South African newspaper, Die Burger, they currently (2011) have "around 330 000 paid members" [9].

According to The Citizen Online, a recent audit, showed their "membership stood at 366,435" [11].




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